Wholesale Loom Blocks

Wholesale Loom Blocks

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Our Loom Blocks add so much character and style to any space. Perfect for that little nook that is too dark for a plant but where you don’t want another candle. Style your mantle, bookshelf, side table - you name it! You will love the personality that comes with each of these one of a kind art pieces.

Each loom block tells a unique story. It has distinct characteristics that are exposed through the handmade process. Once the loom is built on the block, responsibly-sourced fibers are woven through the warp, layering in depth through colors and textures to make each loom block a one-of-a-kind display of natural textures, fibers and craftsmanship.

+ This listing reflects the wholesale price. The suggested retail price is $80 for small and $85 for large.

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