Custom Loom Block

Custom Loom Block

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Pick your colors and let's talk design! I would love to make a custom loom block that would suit your room perfectly.

Our Loom Blocks add so much character and style to any space. Perfect for that little nook that is too dark for a plant but where you don’t want another candle. Style your mantle, bookshelf, side table, gallery wall - you name it! You will love the personality that comes with each of these one of a kind art pieces.

Each loom block tells a unique story. It has distinct characteristics that are exposed through the handmade process. Once the loom is built on the block, responsibly-sourced fibers are woven through the warp, layering in depth through colors and textures to make each loom block a one-of-a-kind display of natural textures, fibers and craftsmanship.

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