We are always looking for dedicated and talented people to join our team so please do fill out an application and we will be in contact when a position becomes available.

Job listings:

  • Studio Production Assistant

    We are looking for one amazing person to fill this special position. You will be joining me and one other assistant for in house production. I am looking for people who are creative, detail oriented, and ready to learn. This jobs looks a little different every day but includes assembling jewelry, stamping disks, sanding loom blocks, weaving, creating clay pieces, glazing, making tassels, and spinning rope just to name a few. We do so much in the studio but I will customize the job based on your specific skills and interests. We can also be flexible to accommodate schedules. Pay for this position is hourly and will depend on experience.

  • Pop Up Team

    We are looking for multiple people to join us as part of the face of our business. We currently do over 30 shows a year both locally and nationally. This is such a special position because you will be representing Twenty Two West at these shows. We are looking for someone who believes in putting people first, loves handmade products, and is passionate about sharing our story. Keep in mind the majority of these shows are on weekends. Pay for this position is hourly and includes a commission of sales.

  • Studio Internship

    If you are interested in learning about weaving, ceramics, and woodworking as well as the ins and outs of running a creative business, I encourage you to apply! I am looking for people who are creative, detail oriented, and ready to learn. We can be flexible to accommodate schedules. This internship is unpaid but you will work closely with me and my team, gain valuable real business experience, and take home lots of free jewelry and weavings.

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