Wholesale Double Arc Necklace

Wholesale Double Arc Necklace


The Double Arc Necklace beautifully combines porcelain, metal, and fiber elements in a unified design that is both current and nostalgic. The textured camel-colored cotton fibers, made of unraveled sweaters, give the tassels an almost wild look, while the porcelain color blocked discs provide structure and cohesion. The gold double U-shaped arcs are wistful and contemporary and will help make any outfit feel special.


- Chain measures 30"

- Arcs & tassels measure 1 ½” wide x 3 ½” tall  

- Copper and bronze chains are both lead and nickel free hypoallergenic


Special note: 

If you would prefer a different length please leave a note in the comments at checkout

+ This listing reflects the wholesale price. The suggested retail price is $68.

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